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Feathers UI
Copyright 2019 Bowler Hat LLC. All Rights Reserved.
This program is free software. You can redistribute and/or modify it in
accordance with the terms of the accompanying license agreement.
package feathers.layout;
interface IScrollLayout extends ILayout {
var scrollX(default, set):Float;
var scrollY(default, set):Float;
The primary direction that this layout is expected to scroll. Not all
layouts will necessarily have a primary direction.
@since 1.0.0
var primaryDirection(get, never):Direction;
Determines if the container calls `layout()` when the scroll position
changes. Useful for transforming items as the view port scrolls. This
alue should typically be `true` for layouts that implement the
`IVirtualLayout` interface and the `useVirtualLayout` property is set to
`true`. May also be used by layouts that toggle item visibility as the
items scroll into and out of the view port.
@since 1.0.0
var requiresLayoutOnScroll(get, never):Bool;
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