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Feathers UI Custom Theme

This example app demonstrates how to create a custom theme for Feathers UI.

Live demo

A build of the custom-theme sample is hosted on the Feathers UI website, and it may be viewed in any modern web browser.

Run locally

This project includes an project.xml file that configures all options for OpenFL. This file makes it easy to build from the command line, and many IDEs can parse this file to configure a Haxe project to use OpenFL.


Command Line

Run the openfl tool in your terminal:

haxelib run openfl test html5

In addition to html5, other supported targets include windows, mac, linux, android, and ios. See Lime Command Line Tools: Basic Commands for complete details about the available commands.

Editors and IDEs

Check out the following tutorials for creating Feathers UI projects in popular development environments:

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