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Boxee Tools - Helpful tools from the Boxee dev belt.


This is a collection of helpful code bits we've collected developing apps for Boxee.

Directory Structure

  • python - Python modules and code snippets useful for developing skin apps on Boxee.
  • php - Helper PHP scripts that transform various data sources into Boxee MRSS
  • javascript - Example JS files that help manipulate video and HTML within the Boxee Browser.
  • html - Example html5 apps


v1.1 : 21 April 2011

  1. Added Boxee App Builder -
  2. Added Boxee App Localizer -
  3. Stubbed out Boxee Box JSON RPC Client -

v1.0 : 14 March 2011

  1. Created repo.
  2. Stubbed out README
  3. Added - Boxee Job Manager, a module for creating and executed parallel jobs in Boxee.



Major components:

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