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a javascript library to control how the Boxee remote interacts with your html5 app and trigger special Boxee browser specific functionality.

Using boxee-api.js is intended as an easier alternative to using a boxee control script.

This library is specifically for use on apps for the Boxee Box's browser, not the desktop Boxee software.

To understand how this library works, and for a deeper discussion of the two javascript context system present in the Boxee Browser, see


You must include it on your page after including the jQuery and Underscore libraries


Most of the time, better user experiences come while in keyboard mode, since it simplifies things for the user.

To make an app in keyboard mode:

  • include the boxee-api.js file on your pages
  • call boxeeAPI.keyboardMode() when a page loads
  • design the app so it can be controlled without using the mouse, and by only pressing arrow keys and enter
  • the Boxee remote does have a keyboard on the back, but it should only be used for typing, not navigation
    • keyboard is ok when entering a search query, or entering login credentials
    • don't hook special modes to letter keys. for example having the user press 'f' to enter a full screen mode is a bad experience. Make it possible to do things like this with only the arrow keys and enter.

Since the Boxee box's browser does not give a developer easy access to console info, I recommend doing as much of the development as possible in chrome or safari, and test occasionally on the box.

Example usage

The boxee-api.js library is used to put the example apps in the html5-examples project into keyboard mode.


The library will create a global variable called boxeeAPI.

Keyboard Modes:

// Set the remote to cursor mode.  
//   -> The d-pad will move around the mouse cursor on the screen.  
//   -> The center button will map to a mouse click
// *note*:
//   cursor mode is the default
//   you *can* switch between cursor mode and keyboard mode anytime, not just when the page loads

// Set the remote to keyboard mode.  
//   -> The d-pad on the remote will map to the keyboard's arrow keys.  
//   -> The center button will map to the Enter key.

Closing an App

// Exit the current App

// Close the boxee browser

feedback messages

// Show a short notification in the top right corner of the screen
//   Since the browser's console is not accessible, this is one way to get feedback while developing.
//   message: string to display (will be truncated if too long)
//   seconds (optional): integer length of time in seconds to show message (defaults to 2)
boxeeAPI.notify(message, seconds = 2)


// Prompt the user with a message and the option to pick "OK" or "CANCEL"
//   title: string, displayed as a header on popup
//   text:  string, displayed as content text
//   callback: string or function, called with one boolean argument - true only if user selected "OK"
boxeeAPI.promptDialog(title, text, callback);

boxeeAPI.promptDialog('A Header', 'Some details', function(confirmed) {
  if (confirmed) {
    console.log('user selected OK');
  } else {
    console.log('user selected CANCEL');

window.myPromptCallback = function(confirmed) { ... };
boxeeAPI.promptDialog('Sign Up!', 'Do you agree to our terms of service?', 'myPromptCallback');