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Version 0.0.1

What is it?

shellstream is a Python client that pipes your terminal IO to the web. Previously, there was a hosted endpoint for receiving your stream. I have taken down that server, so this app will not work at present. I plan to package a Flask or Tornado server into this app so that it can be self-hosted.

To Install

pip makes it easy

pip install shellstream

To Run

To run StreamShell, you will need to receive an API Token from [coming soon]. To retrieve a token, first sign up for the service (it's free) and then head to this page [coming soon].

Add this token to your .bash_profile:

STREAM_SHELL_TOKEN = [your token]


When you've got an issue at the command line and need help online, copy and pasting your session on an ongoing basis is a pain and it makes you switch mental context. So, I created shellstream along with the companion website to make debugging smoother.


This initial version is naive. It is not cross-platform at this point, dependent on a number of unix commands. There are also zero tests at present -- I plan to add them shortly.