GitLab CI runner with access to host Docker daemon
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GitLab CI runner with access to host Docker daemon. PHP-focused.


Test your code, ideally Docker containers themselves, inside a Dockerized GitLab CI runner. Use the host node's Docker daemon, creating "sibling" containers.

Why not re-use one of the existing images out there? You'll notice this project helps harmonize the host's docker group gid with the container. We don't wholesale re-install Docker client in the container when adding some libraries will do. And writing my own let me understand the tech, better. :-)

Docker Engine/Docker Compose version

The Dockerfile contains variables for specifying particular versions of Engine and Compose; you may need to adjust the Engine version in particular to match your cloud provider's current version. Releases and automated build images are tagged by GitLab core version and the Docker and Docker Compose versions available at that time.


I mostly work in PHP, so it's helpful to install a few tools like composer.


Edit the included docker-compose.yml file with your registration data, then run docker-compose up.

Uncomment the volume mount for /etc/gitlab-runner if you wish to mount and re-use an existing config.

Or, build the Dockerfile and run the image using your favorite orchestration tool.

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