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Made by Brad Tully. This repository contains six programs. They all use the open source software openframeworks which uses c++.


The first project is ExerciseAddons. This program uses the openframeworks addons ofxBox2d and ofxGui. This project uses the gui to allow the user to change the radii of the squares and circles they make.

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The second project is ExerciseAnimation. This program makes a basic pong style game that two people can play at once. The player on the left controls their rectangle using the 'w' and 's' keys and the right player uses the 'up' and 'down' keys to control their rectangle. The game is continuous so if someone scores the ball bounces off of the wall and continues on and the score is adjusted.

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The third project is theFace. This program uses basic drawing features to draw the face of Rick Sanchez from the TV show "Rick and Morty".

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ExoPlanetaryNeighborhood uses the addons ofxCsv and ofxGui. This program reads data from a csv file that has information about exoplanets. This information comes from NASA's Kepler program. The information can be found at This program prints out the planets as far from the center as it is in parsecs from Earth. Each has a unique color based of of its temperature. When the user clicks on the planets their information gets printed to the console.

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This program incorporates the user's camera on their computer. It draws a pair of sunglasses on the user and if they open their mouth up it draws circles falling out of their mouth. This program uses the addons: ofxBox2d, ofxCv, ofxFaceTracker, ofxGui, ofxOpenCv, ofxOsc, and ofxXmlSettings.

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This program is a simple game where the player purchases oil rigs and puts them on patches of oil to make money. The only way the player can complete the game is to take part in bribery and goverment corruption. The player cannot inherently lose the game which was on purpose because there is too much money and power in the oil industry. This is more of a statement piece than a true video game. This program does not use any addons or have any external dependencies.

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