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# NMS Locator

NMS locator is a python application for use with the No Man's Sky video game that will log the galactic coordinates of the player to the screen and add it to the clipboard. This was created to aid in the logging and cataloging of black holes as part of the Black Hole Suns project. More info about the Black Hole Suns can be found at or the subreddit [/r/NMSBlackHoleSuns](

# How to use

You can either execute the raw python code or download the executable found on the releases tab of this page.
When running the program it will:
- Automatically display the latest location of the player from the latest modified No Man Sky's save file.
- Put the galactic coordinates into your clipboard, so you can copy and paste it into the spreadsheet or website for tracking black holes.
- Keep a running log of all solar systems you have visited which can be found in your AppData\Local\NMS Locator folder.

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