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  • Fixed output so it's way easier to follow what the Locator is doing
  • Added additional sound notifications. User will now get notifications for when OCR has completed, when the BH Entry has been logged, and when a black hole has been completely mapped. These can be turned off completely in the config, or individually by deleting or renaming the sound files.
  • Fixed several common OCR issues with roman numerals.
  • Attempted a fix with program not updating the CSV file if it is open in notepad
  • Removed several backwards compatible functions that were added to fix issues from releases v0.1 and v0.2 If you are updating from those releases, you will need to delete the locations_log.txt file and the bulk.txt file
  • Made the binary executable much smaller by removing unnecessary libraries
  • Fixed a long standing bug where the program would become unresponsive when a user would get the location of a system before taking a screenshot.
  • Fixed a crash when notifications were turned on
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