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pragma solidity ^0.4.24;
contract SingleTome {
// @dev I really should be abstracting this into a few files and then importing, but I was trying
// to get this ready for an event, had some trouble deploying multiple contracts, and didn't think it
// was worth the effort to figure out deployments on a short timeframe. Future versions will be handled
// more elegantly.
/*** DATA STUFFS ***/
struct Spellbook {
string name;
address ownerAddress;
uint32 powers;
bytes32 unlockHash;
bool claimed;
address public domainMasterAddress;
address public questMasterAddress;
address public newContractAddress;
constructor () public {
// This is an empty constructor.
/*** EVENTS ***/
event NewSpellbook(uint indexed SpellbookId, string name, address owner, uint32 indexed powers, bytes32 unlockHash, bool claimed);
event Approval(address owner, address indexed approved, uint256 indexed tokenId);
event Transfer(address from, address indexed to, uint256 indexed tokenId);
event ContractUpgrade(address indexed newContract);
/*** STORAGE ***/
Spellbook[] spellbooks;
mapping (uint256 => address) public spellbookIndexToOwner;
mapping (uint256 => address) public spellbookIndexToApproved;
mapping (uint32 => uint) public powersToId;
mapping (address => uint256) ownershipTokenCount;
/// @dev Hermit's Tome is currently in Alpha. Expect upgrades; currently following CK pattern for upgrade.
/// @param _v2Address new address
function setNewAddress(address _v2Address) external onlyDomainMaster {
newContractAddress = _v2Address;
emit ContractUpgrade(_v2Address);
/// @notice Returns all the relevant information about a specific kitty.
/// @param _id The ID of the spellbook of interest.
function getSpellbook(uint256 _id)
returns (
string name,
bytes32 unlockHash,
uint32 powers,
bool claimed
) {
Spellbook memory sb = spellbooks[_id];
return(, sb.unlockHash, sb.powers, sb.claimed);
// @dev takes spellWords from the Domain Master and creates a new Spellbook with unique unlock hash
// This allows anyone who uncovers the Secret Spell Words (by playing the game in the real and not real worlds)
// to enchant the Spellbook exclusively to themself!
function createSpellbook(string name, uint32 powers, string spellWords) external onlyDomainMaster returns (uint) {
bytes32 unlockHash = _generateUnlockHash(spellWords);
address createAddress = address(this);
Spellbook memory _spellbook = Spellbook({
name: name,
ownerAddress: createAddress,
powers: powers,
unlockHash: unlockHash,
claimed: false
uint256 newSpellbookId = spellbooks.push(_spellbook) - 1;
powersToId[powers] = newSpellbookId;
emit NewSpellbook(newSpellbookId, name, address(this), powers, unlockHash, false);
spellbookIndexToOwner[newSpellbookId] = createAddress;
return newSpellbookId;
function _generateUnlockHash(string _spellWords) internal pure returns (bytes32) {
bytes32 unlockHash = keccak256(abi.encodePacked(_spellWords));
return unlockHash;
function enchantToOwner(string _spellWords, uint32 powers) public {
require(msg.sender != 0, "");
uint _spellbookId = getIdByPowers(powers);
require(spellbooks[_spellbookId].claimed == false, "Thou shalt not steal");
require(spellbooks[_spellbookId].unlockHash == keccak256(abi.encodePacked(_spellWords)), "Speak friend and enter");
claimApprove(msg.sender, _spellbookId);
transfer(msg.sender, _spellbookId);
spellbooks[_spellbookId].claimed = true;
spellbooks[_spellbookId].ownerAddress = msg.sender;
function getIdByPowers(uint32 powers) internal view returns (uint) {
return powersToId[powers];
function() external payable {
msg.sender == questMasterAddress ||
msg.sender == domainMasterAddress,
"no tipping! thx"
modifier onlyDomainMaster() {
require(msg.sender == domainMasterAddress, "only the lord of this realm may take such an action!");
function setDM(address _newDM) external onlyDomainMaster {
require(_newDM != address(0), "what evil is this?!");
domainMasterAddress = _newDM;
function setQM(address _newQM) external onlyDomainMaster {
require(_newQM != address(0), "mischief has no place here");
questMasterAddress = _newQM;
string public constant name = "Hermit's Tome";
string public constant symbol = "HT";
bytes4 constant InterfaceSignature_ERC165 = bytes4(keccak256("supportsInterface(bytes4)"));
bytes4 constant InterfaceSignature_ERC721 =
bytes4(keccak256("name()")) ^
bytes4(keccak256("symbol()")) ^
bytes4(keccak256("totalSupply()")) ^
bytes4(keccak256("balanceOf(address)")) ^
bytes4(keccak256("ownerOf(uint256)")) ^
bytes4(keccak256("approve(address,uint256)")) ^
bytes4(keccak256("transfer(address,uint256)")) ^
bytes4(keccak256("transferFrom(address,address,uint256)")) ^
bytes4(keccak256("tokensOfOwner(address)")) ^
function supportsInterface(bytes4 _interfaceID)
return ((_interfaceID == InterfaceSignature_ERC165) || (_interfaceID == InterfaceSignature_ERC721));
function _owns(address _claimant, uint256 _tokenId) internal view returns (bool) {
return spellbookIndexToOwner[_tokenId] == _claimant;
function _approvedFor(address _claimant, uint256 _tokenId) internal view returns (bool) {
return spellbookIndexToApproved[_tokenId] == _claimant;
function _approve(uint256 _tokenId, address _approved) internal {
spellbookIndexToApproved[_tokenId] = _approved;
function balanceOf(address _owner) public view returns (uint256 count) {
return ownershipTokenCount[_owner];
function transfer(
address _to,
uint256 _tokenId
// Safety check to prevent against an unexpected 0x0 default.
require(_to != address(0), "magic may not be destroyed!");
require(_to != address(this), "we must not allow any magical paradoxes!");
spellbooks[_tokenId].ownerAddress = _to;
spellbookIndexToApproved[_tokenId] = address(0);
spellbookIndexToOwner[_tokenId] = msg.sender;
emit Transfer(msg.sender, _to, _tokenId);
function approve(
address _to,
uint256 _tokenId
// Only an owner can grant transfer approval.
require(_owns(msg.sender, _tokenId), "Thou shalt not steal!");
// Register the approval (replacing any previous approval).
spellbookIndexToApproved[_tokenId] = _to;
// Emit approval event.
emit Approval(msg.sender, _to, _tokenId);
// @public Initial claim on a token occurs when a mecanist discovers the Spell Words.
// This internal function will fire and approve the initial claim for any message sender
// with a valid Spell Words hash automatically.
function claimApprove(
address _to,
uint256 _tokenId
// require the token be unclaimed
require(spellbooks[_tokenId].claimed == false, "Thou shalt not steal!");
spellbookIndexToApproved[_tokenId] = _to;
emit Approval(address(this), _to, _tokenId);
function transferFrom(
address _from,
address _to,
uint256 _tokenId
require(_to != address(0), "magic may not be destroyed!");
require(_to != address(this), "we must not allow any magical paradoxes!");
require(_approvedFor(msg.sender, _tokenId), "thou shalt not covet!");
require(_owns(_from, _tokenId), "thou shalt not steal!");
spellbooks[_tokenId].ownerAddress = _to;
spellbookIndexToOwner[_tokenId] = _to;
spellbookIndexToApproved[_tokenId] = address(0);
emit Transfer(_from, _to, _tokenId);
function totalSupply() public view returns (uint) {
return spellbooks.length - 1;
function ownerOf(uint256 _tokenId)
returns (address owner)
owner = spellbookIndexToOwner[_tokenId];
require(owner != address(0), "can nothing own something? inconceivable!");
function tokensOfOwner(address _owner) external view returns(uint256[] ownerTokens) {
uint256 tokenCount = balanceOf(_owner);
if (tokenCount == 0) {
// Return an empty array
return new uint256[](0);
} else {
uint256[] memory result = new uint256[](tokenCount);
uint256 totalSpellbooks = totalSupply();
uint256 resultIndex = 0;
uint256 _spellbookId;
for (_spellbookId = 0; _spellbookId <= totalSpellbooks; _spellbookId++) {
if (spellbookIndexToOwner[_spellbookId] == _owner) {
uint32 powers = spellbooks[_spellbookId].powers;
result[resultIndex] = powers;
return result;