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# Controllers
Controllers are the very center of a Bacon application. They function as entry points to the application, use models to retrieve data and presenter to deliver that data in the requested form.
## Configuration {#config}
There is not much configuration needed. Currently the only configurable part is the default fallback controller, defined in `\Config\Base`:
namespace Config;
class Base
public static $app = [
'timezone' => 'UTC',
'base_uri' => '',
'fallback' => 'News' # <- Default fallback controller
The default fallback controller is the one called if no other route was found.
> **Note:** It is planned to split that up into a root controller and fallback (search/404) controller
### Pretty URLs {#front-controller}
Bacon relies on the [Front Controller Pattern]( and as such all requests should be handled by Bacon's `boot.php` included in `htdocs/index.php` of your skeleton project. Many modern Web Application Servers like [Nginx]( and [Apache HTTPD]( have a very simple way of implementing this.
Supposing you use Apache, add this to your virtual host definition:
# httpd.conf, in the VirtualHost:
FallbackResource /index.php
This means: send all requests that do not point to a specific file to `index.php`.
## Routing {#routing}
URLs map to controllers and their methods in a very specific way. There is no configuration for routing. We prefer the principle of *convention over configuration*. The base of this convention is the [REST principle]( A resource maps to a controller and its actions with the [HTTP vocabulary]( The only thing needed for introducing a new URL is dropping in a new controller with the same name and implement its actions.
### Callable controller actions
| Action | URL | HTTP Method |
| #index | /resource | GET |
| #new | /resource/new | GET |
| #show | /resource/:id | GET |
| #create | /resource/ | POST |
| #edit | /resource/:id/edit | GET |
| #update | /resource/:id | PUT (POST) [^put-delete] |
| #destroy | /resource/:id | DELETE (POST) [^put-delete] |
`:id` is an arbitrary identifier for a specific resource you wish to access.
[^put-delete]: Since browsers only allow `GET` and `POST` requests, `PUT` and `DELETE` are distinguished from a normal `POST` request by a parameter called `_method`. It may be embedded in a hidden form field or in the URL as `GET` parameter.
### Namespaces {#namespaces}
Bacon also sports namespaces

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