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The playcount synchronization plugin for Rhythmbox fetches the currently playing track's playcount from, and updates your Rhythmbox database accordingly.

The username is read from Rhythmbox' plugin.


To install the plugin for the current user only, run the install script with


Note that you will still need root (sudo) access in order to install the correct dconf schema.

To install system-wide (for all users), run this script as root with

sudo ./

How to enable

After installing the plugin in one of the two ways mentioned above, start up Rhythmbox, and head over to the Edit > Plugins menu. Check the box next to playcount synchronization.

Make sure that you also have the regular "" plugin enabled, since your credentials stored in this plugin are used by the playcount synchronization plugin to get the correct playcounts.


Plugin created by Bram Bonné <bram.bonne at gmail dot com> Bug reports and suggestions welcome at Github