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Showcase of different scripts i've written for my games
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This repository showcases some scripts i've written to showcase a general baseline of my programming skills. All the script showcased here are for usage in the Unity3D engine, if you are interrested in running this project simply download the repository and open it in Unity to test it out. The scripts i want to show off are located in

A* Algorithm

This is my implementation of the A* algorithm. It is showcased in the demo scene with some editor UI for convenience

Finite State Machine

A Fsm made for the menu management in the game Tribot Smash, but it is an all purpose statemachine.

Generic Binary Tree

My take on a generic binary tree implementation. Unit tests are included for the tree and the binary tree is used as open list in the A* algorithm

Input Manager

Since Unity's build in input system is awful and good input assets on the asset store are expensive i build my own. The input manager is based in the XInputDotNet library and supports input simultanionsly of 4 gamepads and a keyboard.

Isometric Dynamic Camera

An Isometric Camera that can switch camera angles easily by rotating and still keep all the action within the view space by positioning itself correctly based on target and FoV. The camera can be seen in the DynamicCameraDemo scene

Third Person Camera

A third person camera i made for the game Bumble Jumble, it is packaged with the third person controller. The camera bases its position and rotation on the user input and target rotation. The movement controller itself is based on user input and the camera angle. The camera can be seen in the ThirdPersonDemo scene

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