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Create a personal copy of Branch's Objective-C TestBed app for testing!

  1. From the command line:
    • Clone the repo: git clone git@github.com:BranchMetrics/ios-branch-deep-linking.git
  2. In Finder open: Branch-TestBed.xcodeproj
  3. In Xcode click on the root node of the project: Branch-TestBed
  4. Under Targets select Branch-TestBed, then the General tab
  5. Change the Bundle Identifier to something unique (for this demo we'll use io.branch.Objective-C.TestBed)
  6. Change the Team to your Team (it must be a paid Apple Developer Account) and click Fix Issue to generate a new Provisioning Profile
  7. Log in to the Branch dashboard and create a new app from the drop-down menu in the top right corner
  8. On the Settings, screen copy the Branch key
  9. In the Xcode project's info.plist file, change the branch_key entry to the value of your new Branch key key
  10. Populate the Branch dashboard with the following values:
    • Always try to open app: Checked
    • I have an iOS App: Checked
    • iOS URL: branchtest:// (from the Supporting Files/Branch-TestBed-Info.plist file, this is URL Types > URL Schemes > Item 0)
    • Custom URL: (enter a web site here if you haven't published the app to the App Store - http://www.branch.io, for example)
    • Default URL: (any web site will do: http://www.branch.io, for example)

Set up Universal Links

NOTE: these steps will not work if you do not have a paid Apple Developer Account

  1. In the Branch-TestBed.entitlements file, add entries for the new Branch Live and Test link domains. For example:
    • applinks:xxxx.app.link
    • applinks:xxxx.test-app.link
    • applinks:xxxx-alternate.app.link
    • applinks:xxxx-alternate.test-app.link
  2. Run the app and make sure that it launches properly on a device or on a simulator
  3. Select the Branch-TestBed.entitlements file and ensure the Branch-TestBed box is checked inside Target Membership
  4. Populate the Branch dashboard with the following values:
  5. Save the settings - you are done!


  1. If the app was installed on the test device already:
    • Delete the app from the device
    • Clear Safari web content, history and cookies (Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data)
    • Reset the device's IDFA (Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Reset Advertising Identifier...)
  2. Create a Marketing link from the Branch dashboard
  3. Paste the link into Notes on an iPhone
  4. Tap the link - you will get redirected to the web page
  5. Install the app on the device via Xcode
  6. Tapping on the link should now open the app directly