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A project to upload payloads from iOS devices to a Nintendo Switch via the Serial Connector/OTG-Adapter.

To Compile

IOKit installation:

sudo cp -r /Applications/ /Applications/

OSTypes installation:

sudo cp /Applications/ /Applications/

64-bit Only System, Change OSTypes.h (IE: Building only for iOS11+ -- Do not do this if building for multiple OS versions):

#if __LP64__
typedef unsigned int UInt32;
typedef unsigned long UInt32;

#if __LP64__
typedef signed int SInt32;
typedef signed long SInt32;



I've already included a modified version of libusb project file to compile for iOS. The above link is here just in case you'd like to do everything yourself.

In that case, you need to change:

BuildSettings -> Base-SDK to Latest iOS (iOS ##.#). BuildSettings -> SkipInstall to YES.

If you need to archive an ipa for distribution, then you need to modify the OSTypes.h as described above in order to build with bit-code and 64-bit devices.


You either need an OTG adapter with external charging such as Apple's USB-3 Camera Adapter with Lightning charging port.. OR You can get any OTG adapter.

-- The USB-3 one with charging keeps the devices attached when they need extra power. Other adapters MIGHT do this. If the device requires more power, it will "intermittently" connect/disconnect over and over.. You can still run the code above.. You'll just have to spam the "Reload" button so that when it does connect, the exploit is uploaded :)

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