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A Steam Ai for moderating community group chat rooms. The bot allows for more than just moderation though, It also provides an MMO Text adventure experience! Users can fight each other (loser gets kicked automatically), gain experience, level up, and collect gold to be the strongest and richest user in the group!!!
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A simple moderator Bot for steam built with Node

to setup the bot for yourself, you don't have to do any work!

  • just open the config.js
  • put your steam info there
exports.accountName   = 'Name Here';                  //Put Username Here
exports.password      = 'password Here';              //Put password here
exports.groupId       = 'group Id here';              //Put SteamGroup Id Here
exports.botName       = 'Desired Bot name';           //The bot username you would like to set
  • then make sure the modules are installed
npm install steam-user
node bot.js

The console will then display every user it has invited to your disired group, and display every private message, and group message recieved

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