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Neptune's Pride 2 Wallboard

Build Status

A ten-foot style display for tracking stats in Neptune's Pride 2: Triton. This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.


  • List of the user's active and completed games for quick access.
  • Prominent game timers for turn due time, production, and ticks.
  • A full map of the visible galaxy.
  • Player leaderboard with strength and research stats, and indicators for defeated/conceded players and turn completion.
  • Support for normal, turn-based, and dark games.
  • Server-side caching of authentication token and game data.


Left: a standard game, right: a dark, turn-based game.

Screenshot Screenshot


  • The display requires game credentials to be set in order to load game data on behalf of the user.
  • Only public games, or private games that the user has joined, can be displayed.
  • If multiple users reload the display simultaneously after the cache expires, the game will throttle logins and the data may fail to load. This will also prevent login to the game for a few seconds. This is a limitation of Neptune's Pride 2, and is somewhat mitigated by login caching.


A web server running PHP 5.4 or higher with the curl module installed is required to run the Wallboard.

  • Not having the curl module installed will manifest as warnings about undefined constants in the PHP logs, such as Use of undefined constant CURLOPT_POST.

NOTE: .htaccess files are included for security. If not using Apache, be sure to deny permission to data/ and config.ini in your web server configuration. Below is a sample nginx configuration, assuming your wallboard is installed in the np2 directory:

location ^~ /np2/config.ini {
      return 404;

 location ~ /np2/data/.*$ {
      return 404;


  1. Download the latest compiled zip (the one named
  2. Upload the contents of the public directory in the zip file to your desired location on your web server.
  3. Enable write permissions on the data directory to whichever user your web server (or PHP server) is running as.
  4. Rename config.sample.ini to config.ini and put your NP2 credentials into it.
  5. Navigate your browser to the directory in which you installed the display.

Sample configuration:


Running in Docker

A sample Dockerfile and docker-compose file are provided in the source code if you desire to run the application from Docker. The provided configurations assume a compiled version of the application is located in a build directory relative to where Docker is running.

If running from source rather than a pre-compiled release, make sure to follow the instructions in Building From Source before starting the Docker container.

Building From Source

These steps are only necessary if building the application from source. If you are using a release package as suggested in Usage, you should ignore this section.

  1. Install nodejs (tested on version 13.x)
  2. Install gulp-cli: npm install --global gulp-cli
  3. Navigate your terminal to this directory and run gulp


This project utilizes icon fonts found on Fontello. License info available in LICENSE file. Thanks!