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This project was designed to create a point-of-sale system as a team.

At a minimum, this should include:

  • A list of twelve products that have properties for: name, category, description, and price.
  • Present a menu to the user and let them choose an item or items to purchase.
    • The item(s) the user will buy will be added to a cart until they are ready for checkout.
  • Provide a way for the user to checkout and view their cart.
  • Give the subtotal, sales tax, and the grand total.
  • If the user is paying in cash, ask for the amount tendered and provide change.
  • If the user is paying with a card, ask for the card number, expiration, and CVV.
  • Provide a receipt for the payment which includes the item(s) bought, the subtotal, grand total, and anything else of interest.


  1. We designed together a low-fidelity mock up of a realistic goal for our time frame that covers the requirements.
  2. We discussed our personal goals of what we would like to work on and learn from this project.
  3. We started with Git Issues to lay out what we wanted to take on.
  4. We communicated often and clearly about merging branches (We created a branches for each feature we started on).
  5. We walked through conflicts and bugs together to get multiple perspectives.

Things we would of loved to expand on.

  • Ability to sort array
  • Email functionality
  • Quantity manipulation in the cart
  • Quick Checkout
  • Ability to remove single items from cart
  • Menu formatting


Leaf Discovery Discovery

Our first big success


Desktop Wireframe

These were the visual aids we used as a goal.



Shopping Cart


Payment - Card

payment card

Payment - Cash

payment cash