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Senti is a sentiment analysis app to assist you in writing professional emails.


Paste or type your text into the free web app and hit the ANALYZE button.

Senti uses the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer API to detect language and emotional tones in your email or text message.

Watson was used last year to measure the emotional tones projected by each candidate in the series of presidential debates.

In Senti, messages are examined to see if they use confident or analytical language and whether the tone conveyed is happy, sad, apprehensive, or angry.

Tone is an important component of business communication that is easily overlooked. Most of us use spelling and grammar checkers but do not consider if our tone is professional.

People are much more likely to perceive negative emotions with greater intensity than they do positive emotions.

To ensure the tone of your message is positive and professional, Senti does both an overall document analysis and a sentence-by-sentence review.

Senti is the React/Redux final group project for the Grand Circus Facebook* Bootcamp in Grand Rapids.

Group members participating on the Senti project:

Brandon Klotz Holly Huber Joey Parks Keenan Barber

Final Project Technical Requirements:

  • Must use React
  • Must be Mobile-First responsive to three different screen sizes
  • Must have instructor approved wireframes for entirety of project
  • Must use an API
  • Must be live by Demo Day (December 8, 2017)
  • The Grand Circus Facebook Bootcamp is an intensive front-end developer coding bootcamp funded through a grant from Facebook.