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rootlessJB that supports iOS 12.0 - 12.2 & 12.4
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  • All A7-A11 devices
  • iOS 12.0 - 12.2 & 12.4

Saily Package Manager

  • Saily.Daemon is bundled with rootlessJB4
  • The SailySandBoxed.ipa should be installed as well as rootlessJB4.ipa
  • Not all package works with our patches. Wait for developers to update

Usage notes

  • Binaries are located in: /var/containers/Bundle/iosbinpack64
  • Jailbreak structs can be found at /var/containers/Bundle/tweaksuppoet/
  • Symlinks include: /var/LIB, /var/ulb, /var/bin, /var/sbin, /var/Apps, /var/libexec
  • Root file system will keep read only, just dont mess /var then you will be safe.

What so those scripts do?

  • Keep Apple away from tracing our expensive certs.
  • unPack, Clean, Pack used for those binpacks.

What Next?

  • fixmMap is coming for App Stored apps.
  • A12 support for iOS 12?


  • I plan to maintain rootlessJB4 for as long as jailbreaking is alive. I could not have made a more stable (and safe) Jailbreak without Lakr, John, and Chr0nic! It saddens me that at this point in time rootlessJB4 is The ONLY currently open sourced project.(besides unc0ver which is now closed source for any new update.) I plan to let people learn and continue making jailbreaks. Therefore this will always be maintained and OPEN SOURCED!

Thanks to:

Ian Beer Brandon Azad Brandon Plank Jonathan Levin IBSparkes Sam Bingner Sammy Guichelaar Ned Williamson Umang Raghuvanshi @Chr0nicT Lakr Aream

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