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Loyally serving your git branches since 2011

Serverus is a multi-process server for your code. Simple run serverus on your git repository, and it will serve up each branch under a different URL

Usage: First you need to initialise serverus

serverus init path://to/myrepo.git

or (while in your local clone)

serverus init

A directory called myrepo.serverus will be created under the current directory - inside is a serverus.json file with your settings, settings can also be specified on the commandline.

You probably want to check your settings at this point - edit serverus.json:

    // Executable to run - this should be in your system PATH
    "exec": "node",
    // Arguments to run the executable with
    // the string "$PORT" is secial and will be replaced with the port that serverus wants this instance to run on
    "args": ["server.js", "--port $PORT"]

When you're ready to serve your app, run:

serverus run

On first run, you may have to wait while serverus checks out your source and spins up your server instances.

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