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FatSecret API for Laravel

The FatSecret API for Laravel gives you access to the FatSecret API.

FatSecret provides you with access to comprehensive nutrition data for many thousands of foods, not to mention a range exercises and great weight management tools for your applications.

Looking for 4.x Compatability?

While it may be unsupported now, you can find 4.x compatible versions in the laravel4 branch or tagged with 4.0

How to Install

  1. Install the braunson/fatsecret-laravel package

    $ composer require "braunson/fatsecret-laravel"
  2. Update config/app.php to activate FatSecret package

    # Add `FatSecretServiceProvider` to the `providers` array
    'providers' => array(
    # Add the FatSecret Facade to the `aliases` array
    'aliases' => array(
    	'FatSecret' => 'Braunson\FatSecret\Facade',


  1. Go to config/services.php and add this in with your details in the provided array

    // API Key & Secret (http://platform.fatsecret.com)
    'fatsecret' => [
        'secret' => env('FATSECRET_SECRET'),
        'key' => env('FATSECRET_KEY'),
  2. Open your .env file and add in



When you are using this package in a file, make sure to add this to the top of your file:

use Fatsecret;

The FatSecret is available as FatSecret, for example:

FatSecret::ProfileCreate($userID, &$token, &$secret);

For more information on using the FatSecret API check out the documentation


FatSecret::searchIngredients($search_phrase, $page, $maxresults)
  • Search ingredients by phrase, page and max results
  • Retrieve an ingredient by ID
  • Gets the set consumer key
  • Allows overriding or setting of the consumer key
  • Gets the set secret key
  • Allows overriding or setting of the secret key
FatSecret::ProfileCreate($userID, $token, $secret)
  • Allows creation of a profile in FS with a user specific ID.
FatSecret::ProfileGetAuth($userID, $token, $secret)
  • Get the authentication details of a profile
FatSecret::ProfileRequestScriptSessionKey($auth, $expires, $consumeWithin, $permittedReferrerRegex, $cookie, $sessionKey)
  • Create a new session for JavaScript API users

Reporting Bugs or Feature Requests

Please report any bugs or feature requests on the github issues page for this project here:




The FatSecret Laravel API is free software released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details. This is not an official release and is released separately from FatSecret.