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<cite>jWysiwyg is a new kind of WYSIWYG editor</cite>
<hr />
jWysiwyg is minimalistic WYSIWYG editor built as <a href="">jQuery</a> plugin.
<img alt="Screenshot" title="Screenshot" src="jquery.wysiwyg.jpg" width="585" height="229" />
Please take a look at <a href="">User manual</a>,
a lot of <a href="./help/examples/">examples of use</a>
and <a href="">other documentation</a>.
And, of course, <a href="">download your copy</a> or <a href="">use latest code from <em>master</em> branch of our repository</a> of <em>jWysiwyg code</em> to have a fun!
<hr />
Project is dual licensed under <a href="MIT-LICENSE.txt" rel="nofollow">MIT</a> and <a rel="nofollow" href="GPL-LICENSE.txt">GPL</a> licenses.
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