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  • 0.9.6

    Incremental version, see the WIKI upgrade guide for details of what's
  • 0.9.5

    Some new features, cleanups and stability improvements.
     * Install  and  use  signal  handlers  in the  consumer  demo  (where
       available) -  this means you can  crtl-c a consumer and  it will go
       through the  proper shutdown sequence.   Some corresponding changes
       in the EventLoop implementation (forceLoopExit())
     * Allow demo  script to pick  up alternative factory configs  via the
       --config switch
     * Always  set non-blocking  mode on  all underlying  sockets  of both
     * Call select() before socket write operations
     * Track read /  writer errors in StreamSocket and  make an attempt at
       matching  the  error  reporting  capabilities of  low-level  socket
     * When inside the event loop,  deliver messages inside a try / catch,
       when an exception is caught check  to see if the socket has errors,
       if it does  then close the socket / Connection  and remove from the
       event loop.   This means that  if a socket closes  unexpectedly the
       event loop can  recover instead of going in to a  tight loop on the
       select() call.
  • 0.9.4

    Mostly a debug release, one important bug fix:
     * Important bug  fix in EventHandler  - the parameters to  the system
       select command were wrong and resulted in very high CPU usage.  The
       behaviour of consumers didn't seem to be affected by this issue, it
       only caused excessive CPU usage (YMMV)
     * Added  support  for incoming  consumer  cancel,  this requires  API
       change  on the \amqphp\Consumer  interface, adding  another handler
       method.   This is  feature  is  required before  HA  queues can  be
     * Update the Channel API so  that consume parameters can be specified
       in  an option  second parameter  to \amqphp\Channel->addConsumer().
       The  existing   \amqphp\Consumer->getConsumeMethod()  is  still  in
       place, if  2 sets of connection  params are available  for a single
       consumer, the Channel prefers the value from getConsumeMethod
     * Improved the Channel consumer acking behaviour to be easier to use.
       The Channel keeps  a record of the basic.consume  params, and skips
       sending  acks  for   consumers  that  have  specified  no-ack=true.
       Previously,  the  user had  to  keep  track  of whether  to  return
       CONSUMER_ACK, CONSUMER_REJECT,  etc, this is no  longer required as
       this function is performed inside the Channel
     * Added an "ack buffer" feature  - a new Channel field $ackBuffer can
       be  set  to an  integer,  this causes  the  Channel  to send  fewer
       (n)acks, using the multiple=true flag  to ack more than one message
       at  a time.  This  feature might  be useful  for busy  consumers to
       reduce network overhead, but care  must be taken to ensure that the
       ackBuffer  isn't greater than  the basic.qos  prefetch-count value,
       otherwise  the Channel  goes  in  to a  deadlocked  state.  I  will
       consider adding code to prevent this in future.
     * Added client  capabilities to the Consumer  - this data  is sent to
     * Changed the behaviour of the  wire protocol code to always use Amqp
       long strings  in Amqp  tables, even if  the given string  could fit
       inside a  small string.  This  makes dealing with Amqp  tables much
       easier,  as RabbitMQ  doesn't use  short strings  (or seems  to get
       upset by them, anyway).  Amqp tables can now be specified as normal
       assoc arrays.
     * A couple of minor wire message formatting fixes and optimisations.
     * Lots of  new switches for  the demo consumer and  producer scripts,
       use --help for more info and usage examples.
     * Removed all trace of the 'robin' vhost from demo configs.
     * Platforms-specific tweaks in the forker demo, this is getting a bit
       long in the tooth now.
  • 0.9.3

    New tag with some fixes
  • 0.9.2

    Tag release 0.9.2, upgrade from 0.9.1 notes:
     * Renamed  the  event  loop  helper objects  from  'SelectHelper'  to
       'ExitStrategy'.      Made    analogous    renames     on    consts,
       i.e. \amqphp\SELECT_COND -> \amqphp\STRAT_COND
     * Changed the  behaviour of  a Connection during  a select loop  - by
       default,  no  exit strategy  is  used!!   Note  that this  is  very
       different to the  old behaviour in which, by  default, a STRAT_COND
       (SELECT_COND)  strategy is set.   If you  are upgrading  from older
       versions  of Amqphp,  add  the following  code  to make  Connection
       behaviour                    backward                   compatible:
     * Changed  the  Connection  exit strategy  (previously  SelectHelper)
       implementation to allow use of multiple strategies.
     * Altered  channel  creation  behaviour  in  \amqphp\Connection,  the
       single  getChannel method is  replaced by  openChannel, getChannel.
       Backward compat  code is in place  so that if  getChannel is called
       without any argument (i.e. as per previous behaviour), a warning of
       type  E_USER_DEPRECATED is  emitted  and the  call  is diverted  to
     * Added  an optional  "Factory"  class to  assist  with creating  and
       configuring  connections.   Using  this  component  means  you  can
       externalise  connection  configuration  (connection parameters  and
       broker  setup)  in to  XML  files,  the  factory will  both  create
       connections   and   run   sequences   of  commands   (i.e.   broker
       configuration).  Use is optional but recommended.
     * Added   a  new   API   component  to   handle   Channel  events   -
       \amqphp\ChannelEventHandler - this replaces the closures set in the
       Channel->setXXXCallback methods
     * Simplified  and slightly relaxed  the \amqphp\wire\Method  class, a
       new  public field  Method->amqpClass  is used  to  replace lots  of
       getter calls to getClassProto, getMethodProto
     * Tightened up  the behaviour of  Channels that receive  messages for
       un-available consumers (i.e. high prefetch count, etc.) - these are
       now rejected
     * Added  new consumer  getter  / setter  methods,  added support  for
       "manually starting a consume session on a broker" so that you're no
       longer forced  to enter an event  loop in order to  start a consume
       session on a broker.
     * Added Channel->toggleFlow() method
     * Made \amqphp\wire\Method objects serializable.
     * Removed the  API distinction between amqp class  and method fields,
       these are  now all accessed through the  same getter/setter methods
     * Tweaked behaviour  of \amqphp\wire\Method wire  serialise method to
       work  round issues  in  current RabbitMQ  version  (until at  least
       2.6.1) where protocol invalid  fields are returned from the broker.
       This means  that if  you specify field  values that break  the amqp
       protocol rules, the method will still build, and may trigger errors
       on the broker.
     * Implemented  Channel and  Consumer persistence  in  the pconnection
     * Added an APC persistence helper implementation
  • 0.9.1

    Adding built source for the 0.9.1 tag
  • 0.9.0

    Adding the built source to the 0.9.0 tag
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