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Duplicated namespace level consts as class consts and switched the

internal API  to use  class level  consts.  Nsp  level consts  are now
present for backwards compat purposes only.
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Amqphp basic demos

There are 3 scripts to demostrate the most basic usage of Amqphp:

  1. get.php - use the basic.get amqp method to retrieve a single message
  2. producer.php - use the basic.publish amqp method to publish one or more messages.
  3. consumer.php - set up a consumer to receive messages.

The first of these is very simple, the other 2 accept command line options which vary their behaviour, use a --help switch for more information.


Before you run the demos you must set up an Amqp broker, edit the connection parameters in configs/rabbit1-host-config.xml to suit your environment.

First, publish some messages:

php producer.php --message="Hello, world" --repeat=5

Now, read one of these back from the broker using get:

php get.php

You should have 4 left - read these back using consume:

php consumer.php --strat="trel 1 0"

The --strat switch adds an exit strategy to the connection, without this the script will never end (until you kill it with Ctrl-C, of course).

Here's an interesting one - set up a consumer that listens to and prints out all "system messages" from the RabbitMQ broker:

php consumer.php --consumer rmq-mon-q \
    --config configs/log-and-trace-connection.xml
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