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Setup: Run the script in devscripts

Run: Go in to the media-site directory and type meteor For Transcoding: cd into the hls-vod directory and enter: node hls-vod.js --port 4040 --transcoder-type ffmpeg --transcoder-path /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg --root-path /Users/Breakend/Documents/media-stream/media-site/public

Dependencies: For transcoding you will need FFMpeg. -For Windows you will need to manually download the exe and install it. -For Mac OsX, if you have a package manager like Homebrew, life will be much easier. Just brew install ffmpeg. -For Linux, use apt-get install ffmpeg For node.js If you cd into the media-stream directory and (sudo) npm install fluent-ffmpeg you should be good for dependencies for node.js

Tests: To run QUnit tests just open the related HTML file in the tests directory