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Main Repo for 2017 Archer code.
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Master Branch for the 2017 Archer Repository

This is a STABLE branch, and should not be broken in any instant.

-RobotMain Chadwick.cpp - Main Robot source file.

-include Header files for subsystems of the robot.

-src Implementation of classes in include.

-ntClient The source files for a networktables java client to display data on the Driverstation laptop.

Instructions To run the code for Archer_2017, do the following:

  1. Create a new C++ Iterative Robot in Eclipse.
  2. Clone the Archer_2017 repository into a folder that is not in one's Eclipse workspace.
  3. Add Archer_2017/include as an include directory for the project.
  4. Link to Archer_2017/src
  5. Include Archer_2017/[RobotProgram]
  6. Link to Archer_2017/[RobotProgram]

In steps 5+6, Archer_2017/[RobotProgram] is the directory containing the main robot file for the program (i.e. Archer_2017/Chadwick or Archer_2017/ShooterDemo).

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