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Power Up 2018 Offseason Code Rewrite
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BreakerBots 2018 Offseason

Offseason code for Athena (FRC Power-Up 2018). Athena's code is running Java through GradleRIO.

Setup Instructions

  • Download Gradle
  • Download or Clone this Repository
  • Open Eclipse and go to "File > Import"
  • Under "Gradle" choose "Existing Gradle Project"
  • Chose this repository as the "Project Root"
  • Continue with default settings and import the project


In the command line of this repository run gradlew build and then gradlew deploy. You can also run gradlew riolog to connect to the logging from the robot.

New Features

  • Onboard trajectory generation, caching, and following
  • Better Code Organization
  • New Console Class ( for logging organization
  • Custom Command Based System
  • Subsystem Manager
  • New Squeezy Code with Current Detection Holding
  • New Elevator Code
  • New Drive Code with integration into autonomous and a bezier curve helper
  • Odometry/Kinematics, robot position calculating
  • Custom TCP Socket to connect to the BreakerBoard


  • Squeezy Sanchez (Squeezy): Athena's cube intake mechanism, uses a cim motor to drive arms in and out.
  • Elevator: Athena's main elevator, a single chanel elevator driven with two cims and dinema.
  • Climber: The combination of a hook attached to the elevator and a wench, allowing the robot to lift itself a foot off the ground from a metal bar.
  • Drive: The main drive train of the robot (Includes Gyro, Encoder, and Motor Controllers)


Robot Image

Code Style

Based roughtly off of the Google Style Guide.


  • Constants: _ + name
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