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Secret Santa pairing and emailing script
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Secret Santa pairing and emailing script in Python.

First, takes a .csv file where the first row contains column headers (ignored), the first column contains time stamps (ignored), and further columns contain the participants' full name, room number (assuming all living in the same building) and email address. It then generates a csv with these columns for 'givers' adjacent to columns for 'receivers', such that:

  1. a person doesn't have to give a gift to himself;
  2. a person doesn't receive a gift from the person he's given a gift to;
  3. a person shouldn't get a gift for a room mate (partner, child, parent);
  4. a person shouldn't give a gift to someone from the same 'room', household or team as his own room mate/team member/partner; and
  5. everyone gets exactly one gift.

Note that the approach is inelegant in that an index vector is 'shuffled', then checked against conditions 1 through 4, and shuffled again until these are true. Optimised for coding time, not for elegance and computation.

Then, sends an email to each 'giver' with information about his 'receiver', corresponding with the list generated in the previous script. Run with caution, as this sends an email to everyone upon running!

Hacked together for a 'Secret Valentine' event at student residence, and modified for 'Secret Santa' initiatives small and large after that.

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