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Breeze Data Management for JavaScript Clients

Breeze is a library that helps you manage data in rich client applications. If you store data in a database, query and save those data as complex object graphs, and share these graphs across multiple screens of your JavaScript client, Breeze is for you.

Client-side querying, caching, dynamic object graphs, change tracking and notification, model validation, batch save, offline … all part of rich data management with Breeze. Breeze clients communicate with any remote service that speaks HTTP and JSON.

Breeze lets you develop applications using the same powerful idioms on the client and server. You can

  • query with a rich query syntax
  • navigate the graph of related entities
  • track changes as you add/change/delete entities
  • perform client-side validation
  • save all changes in a single transaction
  • use the same entity model on the server and client


See the docs for more info about what Breeze does and how to use it.

Set the release notes for changes in the latest version.

Install from npm

npm install breeze-client


See some examples of how to use breeze with Angular, Aurelia, React, and Vue in the Northwind-Demo.

Upgrading Breeze

See the UPGRADE document for information on upgrading from Breeze 1.x to 2.x.

Building Breeze

See the BUILD document for instructions on building the Breeze and its API docs.

If you have discover a bug or missing feature, please create an issue in the breeze-client github repo.

If you have questions about using Breeze, please ask on Stack Overflow.

If you need help developing your application, please contact us at IdeaBlade.


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