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Todo Angular Hibernate

The "Todo Angular Hibernate" sample app is a single page application (SPA) built with Breeze, Angular, and Hibernate. Instructions to install and run follow.


Download samples

Download ALL of the Breeze JavaScript samples from github as a zip file.

In this case we're interested in the "TodoAngular" sample, located in the java/TodoAngular directory. These instructions assume this will be your current working directory.

Install MySql and run database scripts

Run the ~/java/TodoAngular/db_script/init_todos.sql script to create the 'todos' database.

Run the ~/java/TodoAngular/db_script/create_demo_user.sql script to create the 'demo' user and grant it permission to the 'todos' database.

Build and deploy

We'll be building the project with Maven and deploying it with Apache Tomcat. We have provided build scripts to make the build and deployment process easier.

  1. Go to ~/java/TodoAngular/build folder
  2. Open setenv.bat in an editor
  3. Modify the two path variables, MAVEN_REPO and CATALINA_HOME accordingly
  4. Run the build.bat script

Launch Todo-Angular in a browser

Start your browser with address http://localhost:8080/TodoAngular