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Todo Angular Sequelize

The "Todo Angular Sequelize" sample app is a single page application (SPA) built with Breeze, Angular, Node, Express, and Sequelize. Currently, this sample can be run with either a MySql or a PostgreSQL database. Instructions to install and run follow.


Download samples

Download ALL of the Breeze JavaScript samples from github as a zip file.

In this case we're interested in the "todo-angular" sample, located in the node/todo-angular directory. These instructions assume this will be your current working directory.

Install MySql and run sql script to create demo user

Run the ~/node/todo-angular/db-script/mysql/create-demo-user.sql script


Install PostgreSQL and run the following sql scripts in order

Run the ~/node/todo-angular/db-script/postgres/#1 - create-demo-user.sql script

Run the ~/node/todo-angular/db-script/postgres/#2 - create-todos-database.sql script

Switch the current connection to the new todos database by creating a new connection as shown below.

Run the ~/node/todo-angular/db-script/postgres/#3 - init-todos-table.sql script

Instructing Breeze to use PostgreSQL

By default, the server will connect to a MySql db instance. If you want the server to connect to a Postgres instance, you can toggle the flag located at routes.js

Install dependencies and launch app server

Navigate to the server folder, ~/node/todo-angular/server

Install dependencies and launch the app server: npm start

This command will install both client and server dependencies. You can ignore the sea of red describing rebuild failures of nested packages. It's OK; you'll be using the pre-build versions of those packages. Do make sure the install finishes completely without error.

Console output should indicate that app server started successfully and is listening on port 3000.

Launch Todo-Angular in a browser

Start your browser with address http://localhost:3000