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Breinify: Leading Temporal AI Engine

Breinify's API

Features: Temporal Data, (Reverse) Geocoding, Events, Weather, Holidays, Analytics

Breinify's API provides tasks like geocoding, reverse geocoding, weather and events look up, holidays determination through the API's endpoints, i.e., /activity and /temporaldata. Each endpoint provides different features, see Documentation.

Activity Endpoint: The endpoint is used to understand the usage-patterns and the behavior of a user using, e.g., an application, a mobile app, or a web-browser. The endpoint offers analytics and insights through Breinify's dashboard.

TemporalData Endpoint: The endpoint offers features to resolve temporal information like a timestamp, a location (latitude and longitude or free-text), or an IP-address, to temporal information (e.g., timezone, epoch, formatted dates, day-name), holidays at the specified time and location, city, zip-code, neighborhood, country, or county of the location, events at the specified time and location (e.g., description, size, type), weather at the specified time and location (e.g., description, temperature).