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Demo project for JDBC Calling of Oracle Procedures with Object Array Parameters
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This project is designed to serve as a demonstration of how to call Oracle database procedures from Java using object arrays as both input and output parameters. It comprises a Java driver script and Brendan's HR demo web service procedure, which is called by the script.

It can form a template for other web service procedures to allow a database developer to do a JDBC integration test easily, and can also be used as a starting point for Java development.

The template procedure takes an input array of objects and has an output array of objects. It is easy to update for any named object and array types, procedure and Oracle connection. Any other signature types would need additional changes.

See 'A Template Script for JDBC Calling of Oracle Procedures with Object Array Parameters'


In order to run the demo, you must have installed Oracle's HR demo schema on your Oracle instance:

Oracle Database Sample Schemas

You must also have Java installed and Oracle's JDBC driver jar file available, and, of course, an Oracle client installed.

Install steps

Update the logon script HR.bat for your own credentials for the HR schema, if desired
Run Install_HR_J.sql in HR schema from SQL*Plus, or other SQL client, to set up the database
Create the Java project with the single source file, using Eclipse for example
Build the project with a suitable Oracle jdbc jar file in the build path, eg ojdbc8.jar

Running the demo Java program

From Eclipse, just do 'Run As Java Application' on the file The output should be:

Record 1: 209/TWO HUNDRED NINE
Record 2: 210/TWO HUNDRED TEN

Install demo video


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