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NSS Capstone 1: Web basedHome security system using angular, node, and two raspberry pi's with sensors..
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A home automation system built on raspberryPi's, nodejs, angularjs, and firebase.

##Basic Concept The backend of this system uses RaspberryPis to collect sensor data such as door openings and tempurature readings. The sensor data is read and sent to a firebase database using nodejs. The firebase data is then piped into a secure website and updated instantly thanks to angularjs. You could have as many raspberryPi nodes as needed, I currently have two.

##Installation ####Install Nodejs on raspberryPi(s) This works as of 10/3/2015. Please open an issue if this breaks with the next node release.

Instructions are based on nodeRed, make note you don't need the other python libraries installed in their directions

1.sudo apt-get -y update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade This will take a while if you haven't run these commands in a while or ever

RaspberryPi 2

  1.    ```curl -sL | sudo bash -```
  2.    ```sudo apt-get install -y nodejs```

RaspberryPi B+ or A+

  1.    ```wget```
  2.    ```sudo dpkg -i node_archive_armhf.deb```

If it worked, node -v will result in the node version, something like v0.12.6.

Clone this repository and install the dependencies 4. git clone --depth 1 5. cd piNodeHomeSecurity/ 6. npm install

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