Rewrite of django-messages to support Facebook-style threaded messaging
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This app is very similar to the Messaging System on Facebook. There are tests, but they are from the project I forked it from. I will update and improve them once I get around to it.


  • Each Message is a thread with participants and messages
  • Inbox with filter for read and unread messages
  • Outbox
  • Fulltext search support using Haystack
  • Users are notified using django-notification when new messages arrive
  • Batch update to set messages to read/unread/delete
  • Ajax posting of messages within thread
  • Can be used with jquery.tokeninput to offer a similar usuability as Facebook when it comes to selecting recipients.
  • Installable using pip and easy_install
  • Modular message sending using facebox

User Search

The app comes with a very basic user search component. If you want to extend it or adapt it to your needs look at views.recipient_search. Adapt your own version in a seperate app and then change the call in your compose templates:

$("#id_recipient").tokenInput("{% url recipient_search %}?format=json", parameters)

to point to your custom view.


  • Haystack
  • Django-notification
  • django-avatar
  • django-pagination
  • django-uni-form


pip install -e


pip install django-threaded-messages