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Asset placer

//assetplacer save [name] //assetplacer load [name] //assetplacer remove [name]

allows you to easily place down assets in any direction.

Alias: //ap

Terrain generator Tool

uses cuboid, sphere, cylinder and poly selections.

//terragen [noiseType] [height] [zoom] [wave] [pattern]

Possible noise types:

Simplex, Fractal, Billowy, Ridged, Euclidean, Natural and Poly


-v flag adds a vignette mask over the terragen which smooths out the edges.

-e flag layers it on top of existing terrain.

Usable on Euclidean, Manhattan and Natural:

-r flag randomizes the cellular noises.

Usable on Fractal, Billowy and Ridged:

-n flag adds more noise.

Crop Brush

/brush crop <size> <min> [max]

Min and max data values between 0 and 8.

Revolve Tool and Brush

uses cuboid selection.

//revolve <amount> [start] [end] [heightDiff]

/brush revolve <amount> [start] [end] [heightDiff]


Start and end = angle of start and end in degrees.

HeightDiff = Height difference between start and end.

Flags: -p flag makes the rotations regular polygon shapes

Type Replace

//typereplace [from] [to]


replaces one block type to another one.


-f flag prevents fences and fencegates to be replaced.

-b flag prevents regular blocks to be replaced.

-d flag prevents double and smooth slabs to be replaced.

Boulder Brush

/brush boulder <block> [size] [amount] [height] [width]


Block = Worldedit Pattern

Size = diameter of the rock Amount = smoothness from 0 to 5 (0 is low poly) Height = height of the rock Width = width of the rock


-h flag makes the rocks hollow

-f makes the rocks "fall" to the ground

-a makes the rocks angled based on your orientation

Text Tool

//font [font]

If you want to use unicode for the text use the font "unicode"

//text <block> <size> <text>


Use 155 or quartzblock for the system to use slabs for more detailing


-c flag cycles the font after each use.

River Tool

uses convex selection.

//river <block> <start> <end> [decline]


Start and end are the depth.

Decline is the steepness of the edges of the river (default = 1).


-s flag smooths out the liquid or snow layers

-n flag adds noise to the river shape

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