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Spike brush - NEW

Vine brush

Crop brush

Revolve brush

Boulder brush

Spike Brush

Permission: worldedit.brush.spike

/brush spike <block> <length> <start> <end>

Uses convex selection.

Start and end = sphere size of start and end.

Length = Length of the spike.


-n flag adds noise to the spike shape.

Vine Brush

Permission: worldedit.brush.vine

/brush vine <block> [size] [chance] [min][,[max]]

Chance = place chance in percentage.

Min and Max = vine length.

Crop Brush

Permission: worldedit.brush.crop

/brush crop <size> <min> [max]

Min and max data values between 0 and 8.

Revolve Brush

Permission: worldedit.brush.revolve

/brush revolve <amount> [start] [end] [heightDiff]

Uses cuboid selection.

Start and end = angle of start and end in degrees.

HeightDiff = Height difference between start and end.


-p flag makes the rotations regular polygon shapes

Boulder Brush

Permission: worldedit.brush.boulder

/brush boulder <block> [size] [amount] [height] [width]

Block = Worldedit Pattern

Size = diameter of the rock Amount = smoothness from 0 to 5 (0 is low poly) Height = height of the rock Width = width of the rock


-h flag makes the rocks hollow

-f flag makes the rocks "fall" to the ground

-a flag makes the rocks angled based on your orientation

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