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Loft Tool

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//loft clear | c - clears loft selection.

//loft remove | r - removes last point of loft selection.

  • -c flag makes it remove the closest point instead.

//loft frame | f - creates a new frame in your loft selection.

//loft point | p - adds a point to your last frame.

//loft set | s <pattern> [count] - fills in the selection.

  • -p flag makes it a low poly loft.
  • -o flag makes it only draw the outline unless [count] is specified.


  • -c flag makes it connect the start and end smoothly together.
  • -d flag makes it stack down to the floor.

Tool used:

Left click = Create new frame.

Right click = Add point to frame.

Youtube Tutorial:

youtube tutorial by MegRae

Particle Preview:

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