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Permission: worldedit.terragen

//terragen [noiseType] [height] [zoom] [wave] [pattern]

Uses cuboid, sphere, cylinder and poly selections.

Noise types:

Simplex, Fractal, Billowy, Ridged, Euclidean, Natural and Poly

Zoom = Scaling of the terrain, higher is more stretched out.

Wave = Adds a wavy effect to the terrain, default = 0.


  • -s flag keep the seed the same as before.

  • -v flag adds a vignette mask over the terragen which smooths out the edges.

  • -e flag layers it on top of existing terrain.

Euclidean, Manhattan and Natural

  • -r flag randomizes the cellular noises.

Fractal, Billowy and Ridged

  • -n flag adds more noise.


//terragen simplex

//terragen fractal 60 5 -v

//terragen euclidean 100

//terragen poly -v (Sphere selection)

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