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POSTSCRIPT - notes taken during or after the presentation

Homebrew to make libevent and other package installation easer?

During discussion of installing gevent, which I said was quite difficult (especially libevent), some said using Homebrew makes this a lot easier. I hope so.

RESTful API tools

While showing off how I do API we heard about some nice django REST frameworks: Tastypie and Django REST framework

gevent caveats

While discussing the issue that some third-party tools that may not be gevent-aware, it was asked if the psycopg2 library is gevent-ready.

It looks like (see here and here) simple patches are available for psycopg2, but that even then you might want to do some connection pooling. Many blog entries have been written about the topic and I haven't investigated deeply yet.

Anecdote: For a different database (mysql) I once tested a almost-pure-C option versus a pure-python option. For a single connection the pure-C option was faster, but as long as there were even a few processes using the library concurrently then pure-python library, which automatically was greenlet-aware, was much much faster.

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