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StackOverflow Data Dump Importer. Forked from after the original author passed away.

This app takes the Stack Exchange Data Dump XML files after you've downloaded them from here:

And loads them into a database. If you don't want to hassle with this, just grab the Stack Overflow database in Microsoft SQL Server format from here:

Using It

  • Compile the latest dev branch yourself from source, or download the most recent official release:
  • Create a folder to hold the extracted XML files (e.g. C:\TEMP)
  • Extract files into a separate folder per StackExchange site (e.g. 122017 Stack Overflow). The MMYYYY format is important.
  • Fire up the soddi.exe
  • Select the extracted XML folder in the Source text box.
  • Select the Sites you want to import
  • Set up your connection string
  • Adjust batch size as you see fit
  • Click Import
  • Depending on the size of the import, you may want to grab a sandwich
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