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A single-page application for tracking a company's expenditures. Postgres, Express, React, NodeJS.
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Accounting App

A single-page application for tracking a company's expenditures. Built with the PERN stack (Postgres, Express, React, NodeJS).


  • 3 different user roles (admin, manager, user), each with different permissions levels
  • Can view all expenditures or expenditures for a certain user
  • Summary reports available with expenditures per week, including total spending per week and avergage daily spending
  • Expenditure tables allows filtering and sorting per column
  • Independent REST API can be used by any app, such as Postman
  • Unit tests for the UI services yarn test

Technology used

  • API created with NodeJS, Express, SQL
  • Authentication with PassportJS, bcrypt, and jsonwebtoken (jwt saved in browser local storage)
  • PostgreSQL database
  • UI created with React; uses react-table for tables

How to start the app

  1. Start the PostgreSQL database
  2. node api/index.js for the API
  3. yarn start for the UI
  4. yarn test for the unit tests
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