Calculator built out JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. A Free Code Camp project.
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Brenton's Frontend Boilerplate

Use EJS, SASS, and the latest JavaScript syntax to build fully-static production code with fast, live updates during development and the latest optimizations upon production. Global variables are used throughout the project to make it easily reconfigurable and DRY. Focus on building your frontend, not on building your tools.

Websites built with this boilerplate:

Source of Truth

config.js: The variables in this file, such as SITE_TITLE and PP (public path), are used throughout the project. Change them in config.js and they will be updated throughout your entire codebase where used. They are provided as global variables in your JS and EJS files.

Basic Usage

  • Use the PP (public path) value from config.js in the views dir with <%= PP %>. This will allow you to deploy your site from whichever directory you set PP to
  • The src/static folder:
    • Everything in this folder will be copied (with folder/file structure maintained) into the dist folder unchanged
    • If there is an images/pineapple.jpg file in src/static, you would reference this in any of your *.ejs files (src/views) like this:
          <img src="<%= PP %>images/pineapple.jpg">
  • The main JS file is src/js/index.js. This will become bundle.js
  • A separate common.js bundle will be created from src/js/common/index.js. Set JS libraries on the window object in this file.
  • Some SASS helper classes are available in src/css/_helpers.scss
  • Add the class 'appear' to any html element to give it a fade-in/fade-out effect when it scrolls into/out-of view
  • Set Google Analytics ID in config.js


  1. npm run setup-for-dev
  2. npm run dev (to start server and watch files)

Development Features:

  • CSS updates without browser reload; browser auto-reloads upon JS and HTML updates
  • Source maps for SASS and JS files for easier debugging


npm run prod

Production Features:

  • Minification for CSS (with Autoprefixer), JS (with Babel), and HTML files
  • Filename hashing for css and js files (for cache busting)
  • Easy Code-splitting. Hookup code that won't change often (like libraries and packages) in src/js/commmon/index.js
  • Tree-shaking and uglyfication from Webpack
  • Service Worker setup
  • Project info banner prepended to the top of JS and CSS files

Other Features:

  • Use the latest JavaScript syntax thanks to babel-preset-stage-0
  • A polyfills file from file that only loads if the client doesn't have certain features

Included Libraries:

  • Normalize.css
  • Font Awesome
  • bling.js (the 1% of jQuery you use 99% of the time)
  • sanitize-html
  • include-media
  • HTML5Boilerplate