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This is a starter template for Ionic projects.

How to use this template

This template does not work on its own. The shared files for each starter are found in the ionic2-app-base repo.

To use this template, either create a new ionic project using the ionic node.js utility, or copy the files from this repository into the Starter App Base.

With the Ionic CLI:

Take the name after ionic2-starter-, and that is the name of the template to be used when using the ionic start command below:

$ sudo npm install -g ionic cordova
$ ionic start mySideMenu sidemenu

Then, to run it, cd into mySideMenu and run:

$ ionic cordova platform add ios
$ ionic cordova run ios

Substitute ios for android if not on a Mac.


Add new plugins

ionic cordova pluging add {{new plugin name}}

Remove and add Salesforce plugin

ionic cordova plugin remove com.salesforce
ionic cordova plugin add --force

Add platforms


ionic cordova platform add android@6.2.3


ionic cordova platform add ios@4.4.0

Before Prepare

npm run build


cordova prepare