lava - bundle of multiple projects making an open-source cross-platform **game engine**
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Project's composition

The lava project is in fact a bundle of multiple projects.

lava composition

The core principles of lava are:

  • Be up-to-date with C++ standard (currently set to C++17) to make your code-life easier ;
  • Keep your APIs clean (each project has a public interface with no more information than needed) ;
  • Decouple as much as you can, keeping different concepts encapsulated.

Contributing guide

lava uses Premake as build configuration system, but some dependencies use:

Moreover, C++17 features are highly used, be sure to have a recent compiler (gcc >= 7).

  • download Premake v5 and install it from your platform ;
  • run ./scripts/ to install submodules and download dependencies ;
  • run ./scripts/ to compile everything (with examples) ;
  • find all executables in build folder.

NOTE On linux, to use Wayland, either edit .setup.json or run ./scripts/ --windowing-system=wayland.

NOTE To compile on release, one can use make config=release.

As a daily developper, one should use: ./scripts/ <target-name> [debug]. This will enable Vulkan's validation layer, check dependencies, compile only what's necessary, and run the associated executable. If you don't know any target name, run the command without any. Adding debug at the end of the command, will launch gdb.

Compiling on Windows

In order to compile on Windows, you'll need to set-up a bash and gcc environment, so that the commands specified in the above section work too. Fact is, compiling the project with Microsoft Visual Studio Compiler has never been tested, and I personally won't even try. But have no fear, all the projects are cross-platform.

  • download and install some git bash environment for windows ;
  • download and install MinGW (find some x86_64-posix-seh in the readme with a recent gcc) ;
  • be sure to have cmake, bash and gcc findable in your PATH.

You can then follow the contributing guide with ./scripts/ && ./scripts/

NOTE During the set-up phase, on Windows, you might be prompt with Vulkan SDK confirmation dialog. You have to accept.

Generating documentation

  • Have doxygen installed on your system ;
  • cd doc/technical && doxygen doxygen-config.xml to generate technical documentation.


Everything lava needs is downloaded via Premake to external/.

Current awesome dependencies are:

NOTE The one guideline concerning dependencies is to not include within this repository any external source, keeping the project light-weight and up-to-date. The one drawback is that compiling this repository in the future could be impossible because of removed or changed projects. If so, a new repository should be created containing the no-longer-available sources of concerned project.