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After getting tired of numerous cognitive interviews for job positions that did not match my profile, I decided to build a service that helps me select potentially interesting job positions and those to avoid without having to do cognitive interviews. The service is very simple but very useful. It allows the user to write a questionnaire to share with a recruiter / headhunter, and based on the answers, decide whether or not to continue with the cognitive interview. The service is completely free.

The service is available here and it is called Breves.

Even if you will not use Breves (you can create the questionnaire however you like) I think that asking questions to the recruiters is very important. The purpose of this repository is to help people who are contacted by recruiters. The repository consists of a collection of questions to ask recruiters before or during an interview in order to understand if the job may interest us or not.

Repository structure

The files are collected in different directory, one for each language (English, Italian, German, Spanish, French etc). In each directoryshould be dufferent files * base file, these questions do not depend on the role * a file for each specific role

How to contribute

Create a new issue with your contribute.


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