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Masterbit Masternode Setup Guide (Ubuntu 16.04)

This guide will assist you in setting up a Masterbit Masternode on a Linux Server running Ubuntu 16.04. (Use at your own risk)

If you require further assistance contact the support team @ Discord


  1. 1,000 Masterbit coins.
  2. A VPS (Vultr) running Linux Ubuntu 16.04.
  3. A Windows or MAC OS X local wallet.
  4. An SSH client such as Bitvise


  • Section A: Creating the VPS within Vultr.
  • Section B: Downloading and installing Bitvise.
  • Section C: Connecting to the VPS and installing the MN script via Bitvise.
  • Section D: Preparing the local wallet.
  • Section E: Connecting & Starting the masternode.

Section A: Creating the VPS within Vultr

Step 1

Step 2

  • After you have added funds to your account go here to create your Server

Step 3

  • Choose a server location (preferably somewhere close to you) Example-Location

Step 4

  • Choose a server type: Ubuntu 16.04 Example-OS

Step 5

  • Choose a server size: $5/mo will be fine Example-OS

Step 6

  • Set a Server Hostname & Label (name it whatever you want) Example-hostname

Step 7

  • Click "Deploy now"


Section B: Downloading and installing BitVise.

Step 1

  • Download Bitvise here

Step 2

  • Select the correct installer depending upon your operating system. Then follow the install instructions.


Section C: Connecting to the VPS & Installing the MN script via Bitvise.

Step 1

  • Copy your VPS IP (you can find this by going to the server tab within Vultr and clicking on your server. Example-Vultr

Step 2

  • Open the bitvise application and fill in the "Hostname" box with the IP of your VPS then click "Open" Example-PuttyInstaller

Step 3

  • Once you have clicked open it will open a security alert (click yes).

Step 4

  • Type "root" as the login/username then press enter


Step 5

  • Copy the root password from the VULTR server page. Example-RootPass

Step 6

  • Paste the password into the Bitvise terminal by right clicking (it will not show the password so just press enter) Example-RootPassEnter

Step 7

  • Paste the code below into the Bitvise terminal then press enter (it will just go to a new line)

wget -q

Step 8

  • Paste the code below into the putty terminal then press enter



Step 9

  • Sit back and wait for the install (this will take 10-20 mins)

Step 10

  • When prompted to enter your private key - press enter


Step 11

  • You will now see all of the relavant information for your server.
  • Keep this terminal open as we will need the info for the wallet setup. Example-installing

Section D: Preparing the Local wallet

Step 1

  • Download and install the Masterbit wallet here

Step 2

  • Send EXACLY 1000 MBC to a receive address within your wallet.

Step 3

  • Create a text document to temporarily store information that you will need.

step 4

  • Go to the console within the wallet


Step 5

  • Type the command below and press enter

masternode outputs


Step 6

  • Copy the long key (this is your transaction ID) and the 1, 0 or 2 at the end (this is your output index)
  • Paste these into the text document you created earlier as you will need them in the next step.

Section E: Connecting & Starting the masternode

Step 1

  • Go to the tools tab within the wallet and click open "masternode configuration file" Example-create

Step 2

  • Fill in the form.
  • For Alias type something like "MN01" don't use spaces
  • The Address is the IP and port of your server (this will be in the putty terminal that you still have open).
  • The PrivKey is your masternode private key (This is also in the putty terminal that you have open).
  • The TxHash is the transaction ID/long key that you copied to the text file.
  • The Output Index is the 0 or 1 that you copied to your text file. Example-create

Click "File Save"

Step 3

  • Close out of the wallet and reopen Wallet *Click on the Masternodes tab "My masternodes"
  • Click start all in the masternodes tab

step 4

  • Check the status of your masternode within the VPS by using the command below:

masterbit-cli masternode status

*You should see status 4

If you do, congratulations! You have now setup a masternode. If you do not, please contact me or any other support.


Any donation is highly appreciated.

BCH: 1GPoG1nbHYmaRmFxZUGc1xFJ4Wr3m8tydq
ETH: 0x906d4B57d550Eca4967B5E9270234af8c2559e35
BTC: 1MaZeA634CRJiyY8wY8hUHFmcLzY7Q5TJ6