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BrewBench Monitor

BrewBench logo

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BrewBench is an Arduino brew monitor, controller and alert system for the homebrewers and pro brewers. It uses the Arduino REST API to interface with temp sensors.


You can also connect a relay to the digital ports and add a heater / pump to create a RIMS system. The software will start/stop the heater/pump based on the target temperature you set.


BrewBench Monitor can easily be used on fermenters with a thermowell.

BrewBench works with many popular sensors, controllers, and Arduino boards.

Sensor Thermistors Temperature
Sensor DS18B20 Temperature
Sensor PT100 Temperature
Sensor DHT11 Temperature / Humidity
Sensor DHT12 Temperature / Humidity
Sensor DHT22 Temperature / Humidity
Sensor BMP280 Temperature / Pressure
Sensor SEN-13322 Moisture
Controller Ranco Temperature
Controller InkBird ITC-1000 Temperature
Board ESP32 Monitor or App
Board ESP8266 Monitor
Board Yun Rev 2 Monitor

Setup the Arduino

Download a sketch from the sketches link in the header and install with the Arduino IDE.

Open BrewBench

Go to BrewBench monitor or clone this repo and follow dev instructions below.


Install NodeJS

# install
npm install
# run tests
npm test
# start dev web server
npm start


Code is compiled to a build directory, build the code and copy that to your web server.

# install
npm install
# build files for deployment
npm run build

BrewBench fermenter

BrewBench screenshot

BrewBench Wiring Diagram

Download the Fritzing Diagram here

BrewBench Wiring Diagram

Download the Fritzing Diagram here

BrewBench wired up



BrewBench is a brew monitor and controller Developed by Andrew Van Tassel ©2020.


For help look at the forum or start a conversation on gitter.

Made with from Colorado