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pipenv 8.2.6: use assert_predicate not File.exist?

`brew audit` has a new requirement to prefer assert/refute_predicate over
File.exist? as of Homebrew/brew#3269
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richardcooper authored and BrewTestBot committed Oct 6, 2017
1 parent ddeb7b8 commit 89f6ac9f4769fcdc81ea047454f27c77a9490ea8
Showing with 4 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +4 −4 Formula/pipenv.rb
@@ -101,10 +101,10 @@ def install
test do
assert_match "Commands", shell_output("#{bin}/pipenv")
assert_equal false, File.exist?("Pipfile")
refute_predicate testpath/"Pipfile", :exist?
system "#{bin}/pipenv", "install", "requests"
assert_equal true, File.exist?("Pipfile")
assert_equal true, File.exist?("Pipfile.lock")
assert_match "requests","Pipfile")
assert_predicate testpath/"Pipfile", :exist?
assert_predicate testpath/"Pipfile.lock", :exist?
assert_match "requests","Pipfile")

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